13 years Later, Boy Learns He Was Abducted

After JJ learned that his real name was Julian Hernandez and his father’s real name was Bobby Hernandez (not “Johnathan” Hernandez as his father had used as an alias), JJ’s secret life and false identity began to unfold and caught the attention of local authorities. As it turns out, in the summer of 2002, Bobby Hernandez kidnapped his biological son Julian while Julian’s mother was out of the house running errands. Bobby and Julian’s mother lived in the same apartment complex in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, yet in separate units so having Bobby babysit Julian was ordinary and not concerning for Julian’s mother. Thus, you can imagine how shocked Julian’s mother was when she came home to an empty apartment without her son. Julian’s mother was heartbroken and admitted to be on the verge of suicide during tough periods in the following 13 years where she had no knowledge of where her son was – or if he was even alive. How did Bobby Hernandez get away with this kidnapping and leave no trace of his future intentions with Julian?

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