13 years Later, Boy Learns He Was Abducted

Before kidnapping Julian, Bobby emptied out his bank account, packed Julian’s belongings, and left a note for Julian’s mother simply stating they were gone. Julian’s mother reported her son missing on August 28, 2002. At this time, Bobby had driven Julian to Cleveland, Ohio (about a 10 hour drive from Julian’s mother in Vestavia Hills, Alabama). In Cleveland, Bobby and Julian began a new life together under the aliases of Johnathan (Bobby) and JJ (Julian) Mangina. These new identities threw off authorities who were frantically searching for the missing boy. Posters were hung all around Alabama and the internet desperately trying to find a clue as to the whereabouts of Julian, a brown haired boy with brown eyes and a distinguishing dimple on his left cheek. Investigators found no trace of Julian. While Julian’s mother was left with her own heartbreak, Julian was being raised by what he would later call “the perfect father” to the Judge of the trial against Bobby thirteen years after the initial crime.

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