13 years Later, Boy Learns He Was Abducted

When police and authority members learned of JJ’s true identity, 53 year-old Bobby Hernandez was immediately arrested on November 2, 2015. He was later charged with kidnapping, interfering with custody, forgery (first-degree, fifth degree, and misdemeanor) and tampering with records including Julian’s birth certificate which Bobby had altered in order to enroll Julian into school. Julian’s mother’s attorney claimed that Bobby abducted Julian in effort to seek revenge for the fact that Julian’s mother broke up with Bobby. Julian’s mother was over-joyed to discover that her son was alive and had been found. Yet Julian was not as happy to be reunited with his mother. Julian stated to the judge that growing up without his mother was difficult but taking away his father would be “doing the same thing all over again.” Julian was not angry with his father “in the slightest.” With no empathy from the Judge, Julian turned to other sources for support.

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