Sun Exposure: 6 Things You Need to Know about UVA vs UVB Radiation

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Life is what you make it. Surround yourself by GladSpace. Finding your GladSpace involves getting outside and surrounding yourself with natural scenery that brings you joy, as well as people who bring you happiness. In order to make the best of your days outdoors, you should know some basic information about sunlight that can enhance your life – emotionally, biologically, and psychologically. Here’s what you need to know: not all sunlight is created equal! There are significant differences between UVA and UVB sunlight radiation.

1. When differentiating between UVA and UVB radiation, think “A” for Aging and “B” for burning.

2. UVA contributes to premature wrinkles (as well as other factors such as pollution, smoking, and wind). Baby boomers may have especially wrinkly skin because of the advent of sunscreen in the 1960s. Ironic, right? The first sunscreens that were created protected people from UVB radiation, which causes sunburns. So, since people were not getting sunburned, they stayed out in the sun for long periods of time – but they were not shielded from the deeply penetrating UVA radiation. Early sunscreens blocked UVB radiation but did not protect against the deeply penetrating UVA radiation. Today, there are broad-spectrum sunscreen’s which protect people from most of the UVA and UVB radiations.

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