5 Benefits of Backyard Chicks

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1. With all of the buzz about organic, local, and grass-fed animals, I’m sure you’ve wondered about the living conditions of the hens that eventually lay the eggs you buy from the grocery store. An easy way to eliminate worrisome rumination about sub-par living standards in which your eggs are “grown” is to purchase your own backyard chicks! This way, you’ll never have to worry about supporting organizations that disrespect hens or use unnecessary chemicals in the foods that the hens ingest. Be the master of your own backyard eggs!

2. Building a chicken coop is a fun activity that requires manual labor and outside time! In a world of technology and digital communication, break the mold and spend time outside building a productive shelter with your own two hands! This will be an exciting accomplishment once finished!

3. The convenience of having your own backyard eggs cannot be beat! The travel time of walking outside to your backyard to gather eggs is a wonderful, prideful experience that reinforces the pleasures of backyard farming and cultivation. It’s also extremely cost effective if you’re more swayed by money-saving investments!

4. Educating your children on the farming benefits and procedures is particularly effective through backyard hens and eggs. Use the backyard chicks as a method of educating about local living, the food cycle, organic farming, and healthy eating.

5. The taste! If you’ve never experienced the deliciousness of eating your own backyard-grown eggs, then you are missing out on a joyous experience! If you agree that locally grown meats or vegetables are more delicious than mass-produced, imported foods, then you’ll understand how eggs are no different! The quality and love that went into creating these eggs is certainly tasted when you eat them – give it a try this weekend by building a chicken coop and buying your own chicks this weekend!

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