How can nature make me happier?

Our world is comprised of Instagram likes, Youtube views, Twitter posts, Facebook friend requests, tags, hashtags, and Snapchats. Do you really think that any of those technological devices or social media obsessions make you truly happy? Probably not. So why have you let yourself get to the point where you are thinking of catchy hashtags more often than you are thinking of environmental conditions and could recite more memorized memes than you could name types of trees. Think back to your favorite childhood memories – they probably don’t include as much social media as you are involved in now, you probably played outside more than you do now, and you were probably happier and more carefree as a result. If you’ve agreed with me on the aforementioned topics then do I really need to convince you that spending more time in nature can make you happier? I don’t think so. Nature is an incredible source of beauty, awe, action, stillness, danger, comfort, and more beneficial to your health and emotional well-being. So instead of scrolling through your news feeds, try opening the window and expose yourself to an entirely new world of geotags and sepia filters. What do you have to lose?

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