If you make it easy for me, I’ll give this “nature” thing a try

Have you ever been sitting on the subway listening to music with your headphones on, then looked up to see a beautiful person smiling at you? You’d probably be surprised, happy, and think about that brief interaction later that day. Well, increasing your “relationship” with nature is similar in the sense that you can continue with your current, busy life, but once in a while remember to look up and see the beauty around you that nature provides. Take a second to soak in the sunlight streaming through the trees on your walk to work. Inhale extra deeply when you feel the breeze pass through your hair. And savor the beauty of the colors in the flower garden at your child’s daycare. Becoming conscious of the small gifts nature provides can alter your brain chemicals in a positive way, similar to meditation. So, at this point, please don’t roll your eyes any longer at the phenomenon of finding your GladSpace. It’s not a plea to roll around in the dirt and hug farm animals. It’s a gentle reminder that if we take a few extra moments during our days to simply notice the natural world around us then we can lead more fulfilled, happier lives. Sounds pretty easy and worthwhile, am I right?!

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