Why We Love Inspirational Quotes but Don’t Actually Follow Our Dreams

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Be fearless in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire.

This is a popular quote and speaks to many of us deeply. But, why? In a world where it is abnormal – or at least uncommon – to sit around the table and talk about the immortality of our souls, our deeper purpose in life, and how we are all chasing happiness yet we know it’s not a destination to be reached. Why, in a world where SnapChat and Facebook consume our days, are we still so moved by this quote to follow our soul, our intuition, our deeper meaning in life?

Without delving into the philosophies of souls, quantum physics, and parapsychology, which the majority of us are unfamiliar with, it’s interesting how innately powerful this quote is because it shows our unconscious. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink, he discusses the “power of thinking without thinking” which he explains as “thin-slicing.” Thin-slicing is when you take a strategic yet minimal amount of information and make a decision based solely from that parcel of information. Gladwell explains that coaches, art curators, car salesmen, psychologists, can predict truth with surprising accuracy based on gut feelings or intuition that stems from their ability to thin-slice – rapidly process a conclusion from a significant, strategic bit of information. How can coaches predict whether a tennis player will double-fault before he/she even swings the racket? It could be years of watching, playing, and studying the game, or it could be unfailing intuition to which we all possess, yet to which few have access.

Getting back to the quote about following your soul’s purpose – I think we should all try to trust our intuition more frequently and without second-guessing ourselves. In a world of constant stimulation and commotion it’s difficult to get derailed from our true journey, it’s easy to be influenced by social media about where we should live or what concerts we should be attending, and other ways to live our lives. If we take a conscious moment to look within ourselves to see what moves us, what brings us to tears if we try – then we should try to eliminate distractions that stand in the way of achieving this goal. How many people do you know who are living their soul’s purpose? I don’t know very many. I don’t even know anyone who has recently mentioned the world “soul” OR “purpose” in live. We’ve become too concentrated on making money, achieving “partner” or “manager” in our places of work, or getting that ring from your long-term significant other. But why? Are those life accomplishments truly what set your soul on fire? We are so easily conformed to what society dictates – fashion choices, social media use, phrases from pop culture that dictate which pictures we post and which t-shirts we purchase. But the next time you get that inkling to follow your soul or your greater purpose – stick with it! Don’t let it slip away like it has so many times. Trust that your body and mind are telling you something that you don’t have access to fully comprehend for it comes from your unconscious mind – and it’s a powerful signal to listen to, and equally, to ignore.

If you could have a psychic accurately lead you down a path of utter bliss and meaningful work, would you like to know in which direction to walk? Of course! Who wouldn’t want to be happy and feel wonderful working in jobs that give them a strong sense of purpose? Then we need to STOP and listen to our intuition when we hear the words “what sets your soul on fire”, write it down and make a promise to yourself to pursuit this task, location, or whatever it may be. Don’t push it aside and keep scrolling through your iPhone after bookmarking or tagging the quote to come back to at a later time. The time is now. Follow your gut without letting social norms or pop culture steer you in a certain direction. Take the chance and actually follow what sets your soul on fire. If you aren’t living for yourself and following your soul’s purpose and passion, then for whom are you living?

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