Is this a hippie phenomenon? Show me the empirical evidence.

Sure, “increasing our connection to nature” sounds lovely, but I realy don’t have time to sit in the woods and hug a tree everyday before work. I lead a very busy life and don’t see myself giving up my lunch break (where I catch up on work or go to the gym) to listen to the birds chirping and the wind blowing outside my downtown office. So thanks, but I just don’t see how “nature” is going to fit into my life. Also, it sounds straight-up hippie to take precious time out of my day to “appreciate nature” – give me a break!

Trust me, I hear your skepticism and see your eyebrow raising in comical disbelief that anyone would actually take 10 minutes out of their day to remember the importance of nature. On the other hand, I also know that some of you “nature” skeptics don’t question the powerful antioxidants and protein-filled chia seeds that you mix in your trendy fruit/veggie/almond milk smoothies. You follow a chef or a nutritionist on Facebook or Instagram and you whole-heartedly believe their advice, eat their recommended foods, and feel better – am I right? So what do I need to do to gain your trust and have you believe that another adding more small, positive interactions with nature will increase your happiness and help you find your GladSpace. For now, all I can say is keep reading and have faith that these words will guide you towards a calmer, happier self. (Insert prayer emoji!)


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