Last Child in the Woods – Richard Louv


For more information on “Nature Deficit Disorder” I’d highly recommend reading last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. Louv’s book explains how the modernization and urbanization of our cultural landscape has radically transformed contempotary children’s relationship with their natural world. Unlike their parents and grandparents, today’s youth do not encounter, explore, or enjoy nature as frequently as did past generations. Today’s children grow-up in largely de-natured environments. This increased distance between children and nature has profound affects on children’s physical, emotional, psychological, and cognitive development, as well as dire implications for our future environmental condition. Reading Louv’s book will shed insight on why child-nature relationships should be of utmost concern to today’s parents, educators and conservationists. Louv also has a website and a non-profit organization called Children and Nature Network that works to connect children and their families to nature through ideas, resources, and leadership. Louv is passionate about sharing the wonders of the natural world with children and Louv teaches adults about the benefits of direct engagement with nature.

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