Nature Appreciation Day

Could you live ONE day completely off the earth? Probably not. When is the last time you spent HALF of one day outside? Think about how much has changed – in terms of lifestyles and daily functions – from your grandparents’ era until now. There are certainly modern improvements that we can be thankful for, but we have largely forgotten origins of our modern conveniences and their subsequent environmental repercussions – eg. plastic bags at the grocery store. What I’d like to propose in this blog is for you to plan a “nature appreciation day” – either to spend alone, with your children, or friends and family. There are no rules or “right way” to celebrate nature appreciation day – interpret as you will! The most important thing is that you pick a day, silently or outwardly acknowledge it as Nature Appreciation Day, and try to center your thought and activities around soothing, environmentally friendly endeavors. Going camping, hiking, building a garden in your backyard, visiting a botanical garden – the choices of how to spend Nature Appreciation Day are endless. Knowing that the Earth holds calming, restorative powers and it is important to remember what truly sustains our lives on Earth, do you agree that it is worthwhile to allocate one day to appreciating nature? And will you actually follow through with devoting one day to the natural world? If you are on board with the concept of Nature Appreciation but are hesitant about spending a full day “appreciating nature”, then I urge you to step off your high horse and rethink your priorities, calculate your carbon footprint, and ultimately realize the incredible healing power – mentally, emotionally, and environmentally – if more people treated nature with such gentility and respect, even just for one day. If a friend invited you to go to an exotic island you’d probably be more thrilled than carving out time during your “busy life” to focus on the give and take relationship humans have with nature. However, let me make this very clear: continuous harmonious thoughts and actions relating to nature that are interspersed throughout your daily life will ultimately bring you more joy and inner contentment than traveling all the way to an exotic island for an expensive vacation that allows you to post a few enhanced photos on social media and receive instant, short-term reassurance on your social status in the form of “likes” and “comments” on your iPhone. So again, I challenge you to a day of nature appreciation – please accept and enjoy the results!

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