Nature Deficit Disorder (coined by Richard Louv)

Since we live in an age where diagnoses are required and medication prescriptions are common, I’d like to introduce the term Nature Deficit Disorder and the prescription of reconnecting to the natural world. NDD is a non-medical diagnosis coined by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods. Louv discusses the increasing distance between nature and children growing up in today’s modern society and the repercussions of this weak, sometimes nonexistent relationship. I highly recommend reading Louv’s work as it identifies the ways in which modern society has contributed to the fall of child-nature relationships. Urban development, over-structured childhoods, over-consumption, increased use of technology and changing attitudes towards nature are a few of the reasons Louv believes that today’s children view nature as an abstraction rather than a reality. Today, nature has become something to watch, to consume, to wear, to ignore. If we are to restore ourselves and our earth to reach its full potential, we must heal the bond between humans and nature.

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