Nature’s restorative powers

Our world is constantly becoming more urban, more populated, less connected to nature. I know it is not realistic to think that humans will go back to living off the land and cease in creating more cities. The main point in this blog post is that nature has restorative powers and it would benefit us to tune into these positivities. Amidst the urban development, we must not ignore the ability that nature has to influence humans and improve our mental/emotional well-being. Exposure to nature and interaction with nature increases cognition, compassion, and creativity. If you are feeling stressed or anxious (as millions of people in the US feel daily), have you considered supplementing your current medication or therapeutic regime with “nature”? It is not rocket science and it is not a 100% cure, but maybe we need less advances and more simplicity in our lives. Watch the ocean waves crash along the shore then retreat back out; can you maintain this for 5 minutes without looking at your phone? Have you ever planted a garden before? Did you know that there are studies demonstrating the healing power of soil against depression, similar to modern anti-depressant medications? Do you think that flowers compare their beauty to other flowers the way girls scrutinize others on social media? We can take lessons from nature and apply them to our lives to lead healthier, more grounding, less anxious lives.

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